Return Tips



Helpful Hints and Information for Vanity Returns


Although rare, vanity returns are a possible reality for a customer. Whether it be an incorrect item, or a realization that you want to go with a different look, sometimes you are faced with the unique task of shipping a vanity back. Before we look at some helpful hints, always remember to keep the pallet the item(s) have been shipped on. It can be an annoying task to find and pick up a pallet. Make sure you have exactly what you want before throwing out any valuable shipping items such as the pallet, the boxes the products came in, any wrapping or strapping that can be reused.


  •  The first thing as stated above, is to make sure you keep any and all shipping items. Pallets, boxes, wrapping, all of these items will help make the returning process much less of a headache.
  •  The Vanity Store is more than happy to arrange for a shipping company for you if required, we do this everyday and can get excellent rates. However, if you wish to do this yourself that is certainly an option. It is important to note that if a vanity is being returned due to you changing your mind, the return shipping will be deducted from your refund. If you are arranging and paying for your own shipping you will not be reimbursed but will in that case receive the full refund.
  •  When shipping LTL you will need someone to be present to sign documents and oversee the pickup so be aware of that and either let our support team know of a day that works or if you are planning it, be sure to remember to set up the pickup for the correct day. Note, shipping companies do not do weekend pickups.
  •  Hopefully you have kept the pallet the vanity has come on, but if not, you can use an online market website or contact some local shippers for the size of pallet you will need.
  •  Once you have the products back in their boxes and on the pallet, it is very important to strap down your items. We recommend using ratchet straps that you can purchase for cheap from a hardware store, or you can use some galvanized metal strapping primarily used in plumbing. For the strapping simply wrap around tightly and then using screws, fasten the strapping to the pallet. For the ratchet straps when tightening, be sure not to over tighten and damage the product underneath. For any help required with these items a quick google search will give you countless helpful videos.
  •  At this point if you can reuse or use new stretch wrapping for the items on the pallet do so. This will greatly increase protection against any unnecessary shifting or damage to the product.
  •  Once you have your pallet strapped and taped up, all you have left is to print off 2 copies of your Bill of Lading (BOL) and tape one of them to the top of the pallet. The second will be for the shipper once they come to pickup the pallet.


As always if you have any questions or concerns at any point The Vanity Store team will be there to help in any way possible.