Repairing Acrylic Surfaces

             Acrylic sheets, which are used in fabricating bathtubs, sinks and countertops are of a solid surface which maintains the colour all throughout the material. This is great news for any imperfections that may occur due to shipping or any household incidents. The consistency of the colour leads to a relatively painless process of restoring your bathtub to look like new.

Minor scratches

             To remove any minor scratches or dings, simply find a liquid polisher and a micro-fibre cloth, apply, and rub into and around the effected area. Using a green all-purpose cleaner before-hand is a good idea to potentially remove any dirt or debris that may have rubbed onto the tub.

Deeper scratches

             Start by cleaning the are with an all-purpose cleaner. Next, get a very very fine emery cloth sandpaper, dampen it with water and sand the area with even, circular strokes. Alternatively, a buffer pad will work in this situation. Once finished, be sure to clean the area with water and a micro-fibre cloth. Next apply a white polishing compound and rub with a clean micro-fibre cloth in a circular motion, polishing and buffing the area. Finally, wash off any excess compound with warm water and a micro-fibre cloth. Before tackling any deep scratch acrylic repairs consult a professional beforehand.