How-to Install a Wall-Mounted Linen Cabinet

             Wall mounted linen cabinets are a unique and popular look these days. Despite coming in various shapes and sizes most wall mounted cabinets are installed in the same way. To help you with installing this item here is a step by step guide.

             What you will need: Measuring tape, Pencil, Drill, Stud Finder, Level, Screws, Brackets, Drywall Plugs

             To begin, you will want to mark out the edges of your cabinet, and within those lines find your stud or studs depending on the cabinet’s size. If you are gutting your bathroom or it is a new build, be sure to try and include your wall mounted cabinet in the planning process. Optimally the carpenter can put in backing where you want it giving the cabinet maximum holding power. Once you have the studs marked, measure from the edge and then transfer that to the cabinet and drill through the cabinet at 12” intervals running down. Once pre-drilled, get someone to help you hold the cabinet in place while you screw into the stud.

             With the cabinet secured to the wall, take your L brackets and using a shorter screw secure them underneath the cabinet and then to the wall via the stud and using drywall plugs if no stud is available. Lastly you will want to install the doors and shelving and finally, fill it with linens.


  • Mark your outline
  • Find, mark and measure your studs
  • Transfer measurements to cabinet
  • Pre-drill cabinet
  • Hold cabinet up and fasten to wall with screws
  • Undermount and fasten brackets to wall and cabinet
  • Install doors and shelving