Framed vs Frameless Vanities


            When choosing your vanity, there are primarily two types of construction for the cabinet, framed and frameless. Both options have a variety of design possibilities, and come with their own special assets. Here we will break down these options, and provide you with insight, so you can make the most informed decision about your vanity.




              Framed cabinets are made with ½” to ¾” thick plywood or engineered woods and feature a solid wood frame attached to the front of the cabinet, giving the appearance similar to that of a picture frame. This added frame gives the cabinet added rigidity, as well as providing a more solid material for the door hinge hardware. As for looks, the extra wood provides the cabinet with a reveal ranging from ¼” to 1”. There is also a look known as face frame. This features the doors and drawers inset, with the full frame shown. Framed design is historically a more common look in America, and by nature is a more traditional looking design.




              Frameless cabinets are a European design, and a more contemporary look. Typically, frameless features thicker box construction to provide the necessary strength, and to accommodate the door and drawer fastening hardware, which is attached directly to the side of the cabinet. Frameless construction materials are usually a variety of plywood and engineered woods with a laminate or wood veneer finish. Doors and drawers with frameless construction are full overlay, which is to say they completely cover the box edges of the cabinet providing a seamless look. Without the space needed for a frame, the frameless style is considered to have more useful space for the practical purpose of storing your wares.


Framed Assets

              Framed cabinetry offers an incredible strength to the construction, making it very sturdy and providing the door hinges with added strength being fastened to a large frame. Framed cabinets provide you with the option of various widths of reveal as well as the option of full overlay and face frame. This provides you with many option as far as design goes. If customization is key, you will get no better.


Frameless Assets

              The sleek design of frameless provides the full overlay look, which is a very popular and versatile look in contemporary and modern homes. With a simplistic approach to design, you reap the benefits of efficiency of space and easier access to your cabinet as a whole. Doors and drawers are adjustable and tend to be larger as well, due to the lack of frame. With less material needed, frameless is usually more economical, but with many styles and materials to work with, you will be sure to find what you are looking for.