Choosing a Towel Warmer


              Towel warmers are a great addition to any bathroom. They add an elegance and luxury to your bathroom with the combined functionality of heat and comfort. Damp towels placed on a towel warmer will dry much faster and as a result, mildew is less likely to form. Towel warmers come in a variety of electrical options. Most are electric, either hardwired or plug in. Some towel warmers are hydronic, which means they use the homes’ liquid heating system and alternatively a mineral oil within the unit itself. Whatever the situation, there is an option that will fit your needs.


Types of Electrical Connection:



              Just like most standard appliances these you simply plug into a convenient wall plug. A bit of planning if possible when renovating or building new will aid in easy access to a plug with minimal cord. Most free-standing towel warmers have this feature and while great in a bathroom can also be used for around the pool or near an entrance where swimmers will be coming inside.



              Hardwired units are typically fixed to the wall and directly connected to your electrical panel. You should always have a certified professional install such a unit. These models typically come with an on/off switch and or a timer for ease of use.



              Hydronic towel warmers run off your homes’ liquid based heating system much like radiators do. This requires a certain level of preparation and certainly a professional install. Some units use a built in hydronic system using mineral oil that is stored within the unit.


              Towel warmers come in three main groups; wall mounted plug in, wall mounted hardwired, and freestanding. All have a wonderful wide selection of designs and styles.                                      


Wall Mounted (Plug in)

              These towel warmers plug into any normal electrical outlet and are ideal for many bathrooms. The wall mounted nature of the product makes it a little trickier to install, see our wall mounted installation guide in our information center for helpful tips. Be sure to be cognizant of your bathroom layout, as you will need an electrical plug near to the location you are wanting the towel warmer. If possible, you can have an electrician add one during a renovation.


Wall Mounted Hardwired

              These units are wired directly into your electrical system, and quite often are the most difficult to install. We recommend that you bring in a professional to install these products.



              Freestanding towel warmers are a wonderful option. No tough installation is required for these, simply place it in the desired location and plug it in. This makes it so you can move the towel warmer from bathroom to bathroom or, if you have a pool or are near a swimming hole, you can have it near a back door or even have it outside while you are using it. However, be careful to bring it inside once done as harsh outside weather may damage the finish.


              Choosing the right towel warmer for your home will also depend on some factors based on your layout and interior design, for this you need simply browse our wide selection and combined with the information above, you will be prepared to choose just the right product to add a wonderful touch of glamour and luxury to your bathroom.